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festive pink scrub 500g

festive pink scrub 500g

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The scrub (500g) should be a moment of pleasure and relaxation The exfoliation is the basis for having beautiful skin.

Benefits: It rids us of impurities and dead cells by making the skin more luminous and radiant.


It optimizes the effectiveness of the following products: SERUM, MILK, OIL. This foaming scrub is a delight for your skin. How to use: Wet your skin with lukewarm water for about 2-3 min.


Spread the scrub on your skin. Using your hands, rub gently and gently in circular movements.


Pass and iron on each part of your body and rinse yourself with lukewarm water, dry yourself and go to the intense hydration of your skin with NEANGE Clarifying and Repairing Milk + its intense glow oil


Frequency of use: it varies according to the nature of the skin.


For dry and sensitive skin, it is better to be content with one exfoliation per week to avoid irritation, as for oily skin, they will gladly appreciate 2 exfoliation per week. Weight: 300g

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