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duo serum & goat cleansing foam with goat's milk

duo serum & goat cleansing foam with goat's milk

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3 in 1, brightening, moisturizing, soothing

The Neange Peeling serum with goat's milk and Vitamin E, is a double effectiveness serum, an anti-aging peel and a serum that exfoliates and refines the texture of the skin, promotes cell renewal and fills wrinkles, even the deepest. The skin is brighter and smoother, the spots fade.


- Clean your face and neck with neange cleansing foam with goat's milk, then let your skin dry before applying the Serum.

- Using the pipette, place a few drops of the peel on your fingers, then spread all over the face.

NB; Do not stick the serum pipette on your skin.


 3 in 1 brightening, moisturizing, cleansing for normal and sensitive skin.

- Neange foaming facial cleansing gel with organic goat's milk brings softness and hydration to all skins, even the most delicates. Known to relieve fragile and sensitive skin, goats' milk proteins have restructuring and moisturizing properties.


-  morning and evening as the 1st step of your routine

- lather in the hand with a little water and apply on the face by massaging gently

- rinse thoroughly

- Then apply your Neange serum with goat's milk


Vitamin B5 vegetable oils, goat's milk .....

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